Chanca Piedra to Dissolve Kidney Stones

If you have ever had kidney stones then you are well aware of the agonizing pain associated with them. You may have even heard about a miracle ingredient used called Chanca Piedra or "stone crusher", but is it in fact a miracle ingredient? Should you use Chanca Piedra to dissolve kidney stones? Let's find out...


The herb chanca piedra, although maybe new to you, is certainly not new to the rest of the world.

It is an important and foundational herb in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Indigenous to the Amazonian rain forest, Chanca Piedra, which means "stone breaker" in Spanish, has been used by many cultures as a remedy for kidney stones, but let’s see if it really lives up to its name. It is believed that the plant's leaves, stems and roots feature biologically active substances that work to dissolve kidney stones and may even hold promise against preventing kidney stones.

Before we can really understand how Chanca Piedra may work to help dissolve kidney stones, eliminate kidney stones and maybe even prevent kidney stones – it is important to understand exactly how kidney stones form in the first place.


Kidney stones are hard mineral deposits formed within your urinary system.

They begin to form when your urine has an overabundance of “crystal-forming substances.” These substances are deposits of various minerals in the urine that when they become concentrated, they crystallize and form.

The most common of these is calcium, but uric acid can be responsible as well. While these substances can normally be found in your urine at any time, a healthy urinary system can dilute and flush them out, if they are at a manageable level. The problem arrives when there is simply too much calcium, uric acid or other substance present that these “crystal-forming substances” start sticking together – and before you know it, you have yourself a kidney stone.

As most people already know, once a kidney stone is formed, its elimination can be a long and excruciating process. Many people are looking for a solution to not only help eliminate kidney stones, but also to prevent kidney stones in the first place.

Which brings us back to Chanca Piedra…

How Does Chanca Piedra Work?

The first thing we want you to understand is Chanca Piedra seems to help remedy kidney stones in multiple ways. In fact, one large scientific review came up with a long list of ways Chanca Piedra can help with kidney stones:

  • Interferes with the stones as they form
  • Reduces the aggregation of crystals
  • Modifies the composition and the structure
  • Relaxes the ureter
  • Reduces urinary crystallization promoters (AKA calcium)
  • Clears fragments after lithotripsy (an ultrasound shock wave to break kidney stones in small pieces)

Their ultimate conclusion? “Altogether, these studies suggest a preventive effect of Phyllanthus niruri in stone formation or elimination.” This same review found no negative reactions to the urinary system, the heart, or the brain – and no toxic side effects have been noted. [1]

Pictured above is a clinical study that shows Phyllanthus Niruri (Chanca Piedra) could not only help with stone formation, but may also be beneficial in the prevention of new stones.*


This natural ingredient has sparked the interest of researchers around the world, and since the 1960’s, over 300 studies have been carried out. The first research was conducted by Indian and Brazilian research groups, since the plant is indigenous to their areas. Indian medicinals is not the only place where you will find this herb. Originally from the Amazon rainforest, Chanca Piedra has been a favorite choice among many cultures to relieve kidney stone issues. Research on the supplement extends from Brazil to Germany.

Although long-term randomized clinical trials are necessary to confirm therapeutic properties, many studies suggest Chanca Piedra may help discourage and eliminate kidney stones and may even have potential to provide defense in helping prevent kidney stones.*


Some companies try to be clever and use tricky marketing to try to rope you in when discussing Chanca Piedra. They’ll name Chanca Piedra something unique or say something like “lab grade" Chanca Piedra or "high grade" Chanca Piedra. This is usually a simple marketing technique to try to get customers to buy their product over the competition.

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Chanca Piedra is a wonderful powerful herb that is used in Renavive®, however, on its own, it only addresses certain aspects of having kidney stones leaving many aspects unaddressed as is the issue with many other kidney stone products. Renavive® is a complete formula which utilizes synergy between multiple ingredients that work together in creating a powerful and effective formula that simply cannot be compared to just a single ingredient product.

Here’s an analogy that we think you’ll enjoy:

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